Land Data

CREIS Database --Land Version cover 1,440,000+ land transaction information in 2300+ cities, and create complete land document for each parcel. Multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation rate parcels. Help user instantly track land supply and transaction in each region, and understand the overall market condition. Build the whole three-dimensional monitor system of announcement →enter the market →land transaction →project development →sale→ project completion and move in. Access and cross check land parcels, projects and enterprises in one place.

Land Cloud Platform

Land Cloud is a SaaS service tools platform integrating land buyers and sellers to effectively achieve information interactions and efficient land source matching. Based on the powerful database system, combined with big data and artificial intelligence, Land Cloud target solving the industry pain points of the difficulties to buy and sell land, and utilize advanced technology and professional expertise to power the industry.

Land SaaS Tool

Based on CREIS database and integrating urban emerging big data, CIH have utilized 20+ years industry research experience, big data process engine, and algorithm to build real estate enterprises big data decision supporting SaaS tools.

Big Landlord product is positioned as the big data land decision center of real estate developers, and the working table of their investment departments. Utilizing the map vectorization technology, big data processing engine and machine learning cloud intelligence algorithm to establish the real estate big data investment decision support system to help enterprises obtain land precisely. Start with data analysis- investment approval—report center, and based on real estate data, population, home buyer, urban resources, planning and macro economy data, create the complete methodology and conduct overlapping analysis, export visualized map and research reports.

01 Land Parcel Feasibility
02 Regional Focus
03 Cites Layout
04 Report Tool

Little Landlord is the most up-to-date real estate investment solution and mobile intelligence designed for investment professionals, providing systematic support for parcel feasibility research stage. Key functions include land information, view parcels online, one click report, import and share. Help investment and development professionals to instantly understand land bidding focus, prospect surrounding conditions, increase efficiencies, and identify market opportunities.

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Land Parcel Analysis
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