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Commercial Real Estate version: Compile and include commercial real estate related data information in 20 major cities, including retail and office building rent, project transaction data, advertisement, to help users real-time monitor price trend of retail and office buildings, and analyze price level in the focused region and commercial district.

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Retail Professional & Office Professional are specialized leasing and sale listing products specifically for brokers. It allows brokers to increase their listing promotion efficiency and offers brokers a high effective way to win clients easier and further accelerate transaction.

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Fang (

Fang ( is the leading real estate internet portal based on the number of page views and site visitors, specializing in real estate and home-related internet industry and leading in both Mobile and PC applications of the industry. As of 2019, covers 24 countries and 658 cities worldwide, key features including 120 million unique visitors per month, 110 million aggregated registered users, 30 million paid users, 1,400 million user behaviors, 45 million prospects leads of average annual home buyers and furnishing users, 5.67 million business users including brokers and furnishing designers, 98 million home buyers and furnishing users, more than 200 million aggregated Fang App users and 4.04 million hours of average using time per month, and 13 million daily home buyers online. provides the most comprehensive services span mobile technology, product, and promotion, and further target the industry leading position.

The commercial channel of recently covers more than 50,000 commercial properties, 3 million retail properties, as well as 7 million office properties, to provide the complete commercial real estate lease and sale service for the vast market participants. & New Media is the leading commercial property information service platform in China, fully cover non-residential property information and listings including retail, office, industrial, storage and land in major cities, to provide the full spectrum internet marketing service for the industry. Utilizing big data, Artificial Intelligence and algorithm, increasingly build its leading role in the retail, office and industrial sector. Currently the platform cover 600+ cities in China, more than 50,000 commercial properties, 3 million retail properties, 7 million industrial properties, 1.4 million + land parcels information, and 2000+ industrial parks.

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