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CIH (China Index Holdings Limited), founded in Aug.10th, 2007, power China real estate market using big data and innovative technology, operate the largest real estate information and analytics service platform in China based on geographical coverage and volume of data points. Our departments include big data center, research center, technology development, land division, and retail division. We have more than 600 data research and professional analysts and our branches cover major cities in China.

Over 20 years, China Index Big Data Platform has aggregated massive detailed data of property, land, people, enterprises, and integrated diversified multi-dimensional information including space, macro, mobile, planning, and POI, to create a solid platform base to support data storage and big compute.Through constant and high frequent interaction of user and system, we continually optimize and upgrade service function, and establish efficient product including China Index Database extensively used by developers and financial institutions, China Index Land SaaS tool platform for land transactions, as well as listing products and retail & office market analysis tool which facilitate transactions for brokers and other industry participants. We also utilize diversified data to regularly create index series consisting of the100 Cities Price Index, Secondary Housing Price Index, Retail Rental Index, as well as various index and enterprise research output.

Land Cloud, our recently developed SaaS service tool platform, integrates land sellers and buyers to efficiently utilize information interactions and land resources matching. It utilizes map visualization to provide real time land transaction information access, land value intelligence estimates, and one-click report, and is used as a critical decision-making tool for buyers. It also enables land seller to market their listings to the full internet through search function and allow buyers to instantly access accurate land parcel information.

In addition, based on the historical commercial property information, we build office and retail property database of China major cities, and provide a platform of tool offerings to help brokers, brokerage firms, investors to analyze vacancy rate, absorption rates, and average rental. We create the retail real estate portal 3fang.com and integrate the retail real estate online channels of Fang.com, to provide advanced internet listing marketing tools and further facilitate CRE transaction.

CIH derive from data, target data, utilize technology, enhance multi-scenario application of the full spectrum real estate users, and drive industry development. We will further focus on commercial real estate, and utilize big data and innovative technology to power China CRE market.


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China index holdings
  • Functional Department
  • Big Data Center
  • Technical Center
  • Platform Center
  • Evaluation Center
  • Enterprise Division
  • Data Division
  • Index Division
  • Property Division
  • Investigation Division
  • Financial Division
  • Land Division
  • Commercial Office Building Division
  • Home Furnishing Division
  • Local Companies

Product Service

Data and Analytics Service

  • CREIS Database
  • Data Analysis and Survey Platform
  • Land SaaS Tool

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  • 3Fang.com
  • Fang.com
  • Broker Cloud
  • Land Cloud
  • Developer Cloud

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